KRAL has been known as a manufacturer of high-quality pumps and flowmeters since 1950. Applications have become ever more demanding over the years. Refinery processes have been optimized and statutory regulations tightened up, in order to exploit oil as a resource better and with greater environmental protection.
KRAL has amassed a great deal of knowledge in difficult fields such as the pumping and metering of heavy oils and low-sulfur fuels. This knowledge is invested in the development of our own products and their use in our customers’ systems.

Success through experience
You will benefit from our expertise if you come to us for the construction and assembly of auxiliary units for power generation, for example fuel systems and lubricating oil systems for diesel engines, turbines and burners. We know that the production process from reviewing the specifications all the way to delivery and commissioning is very demanding. That is why we employ specialists for our special projects with just the right background and many years of experience.

KRAL quality

KRAL AG has been manufacturing pumps, pump stations, and flowmeters for fuels and lubricants for many decades. KRAL products are known for their excellent quality. We have installed and commissioned them for a large number of customers. In contrast with suppliers who only manufacture piping, KRAL offers proven systems expertise and problem-solving competence.
This experience as an established manufacturer with extensive practical knowledge is our outstanding strength in plant engineering. Our competence gives you the assurance that your complex overall project will be executed reliably.

Our experience for your safety

A fuel system and lubricating oil system consists of e.g. pumps, valves, instrumentation and pipes. Your organization supplies complex systems for power stations. You know that the components should not be regarded in isolation. An overall view and understanding are essential for safe and reliable operation. If a plant manufacturer lacks this competence, there is a significant risk that the system will not function.

Detail engineering – our core competence

Review of specifications

The specifications for systems are complex and extensive. You have to rely that all specifications and requirements are fullfilled in accordance with common laws, standards and directives. KRAL has project managers who are specifically trained for this job. Your professionals cooperate with KRAL specialists. The high level of competence on both sides is the basis for executing the project successfully.

The highest level of detail engineering

Your order books are full. Therefore, you appoint external companies to design and manufacture systems. It is important for your that your suppliers live up to the same high standards as you do because you want to offer your customers quality. KRAL AG is known for quality. You cooperate with KRAL as equals. We can implement customer requirements at the highest technical level, and we play a constructive role and focus on solutions.

Fast, competent project execution

Does this sound familiar to you? While executing a project, your customer comes up with new requirements which deviate from the original plan. These events carry the risk of delaying appointments or exceeding costs.In cases like this, a cooperative partnership with the plant engineering company is extremely important.We promise to deal with your wishes in a straight forward manner. KRAL responds quickly when you request a return call, need information or would like to discuss technical alternatives.Together we complete your projects on time.

Much praised documentation

In plant engineering, observing specifications and statutory requirements is particularly important.We create two types of documentation, components and quality documentation, in multiple languages upon request. Quality documentation is created during production. This ensures ongoing quality control. The results are documented promptly in form of certificates and reports. This is how we ensure that deviations don't remain unnoticed until or after delivery.The documentation is delivered in paper form or electronic form as a PDF file, featuring a clear bookmark structure.

Delivery and commissioning

In addition to the Adhering to schedules is extremely important to you. The start-up date is fixed. Our quality management system and customer satisfaction analyses prove that KRAL has achieved peak levels for adhering to schedules. Upon request, we assist you during installation and commissioning. You profit from our broad experience because we have taken a large number of KRAL pumps, pump stations and flowmeters into operation for our customers.

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